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Welcome to the new guild website!
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Guild News

Cross Guard Disbanded

Sorcha Quinn, Oct 21, 12 4:32 PM.
Our vision for the guild had been blurred with Cross Guard, too many people were being let in who didn't roleplay or weren't interested in playing an active role in the guild (representing other guilds most of the time, using CG as a dungeon mule, etc.) Because we wish to create a dedicated and loyal roster, we have disbanded the guild in favour of a fresh start, with more stringent entry procedures and a more specialised and focused direction. If you are interested in this new initiative, please contact Eliza Grey.

Recruitment Drive!

Sorcha Quinn, Oct 11, 12 5:17 AM.

I believe it is in our best interest that we bolster our ranks as soon as possible and get the ball rolling with our guild activities. If we want an active and regular schedule we need active and regular members so lets get to work and welcome some new faces to the guild. If you know of anyone who is interested and suits our needs, please do not hesitate to refer them to the application form. For those who wish to, I have drafted a simple yet informative advertisement to be entered into the map channel. Remember, we are looking for active and passionate roleplayers.

The Cross Guard [CG] is a growing para-military organization looking for active, mature roleplayers to grace our roster. RP-PvE | Events | Ventrilo | PST or sign up at

Simply enter that advertisement into map chat and refer them to the application form. I do believe everyone can invite into the guild so please try if you have the chance. 

Website Up and Running

Sorcha Quinn, Oct 9, 12 8:54 AM.

Welcome to the new guild website! I have spent the last 4 hours acquainting myself with the site's tools, and while it is still in its early development, I hope you can enjoy its services. Feel free to start posting in the forums, uploading profile pictures, chatting in the shoutbox, anything!
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